My Stampin’ Up! Visit

The past 3 years I was able to attend the Stampin’ Up! Convention but this year I was so bummed because I couldn’t go. Now you have to understand that going to convention is simply  . . . FANTASTIC!! It’s like a child going to DisneyWorld with friends and family and seeing all the Disney characters. Now imagine going to a place where you meet up with thousands of other demonstrators who love what you love to do, get a preview of Stampin’ Up! products, do lots of card swapping, stamping, Prize Patrol, get great ideas from the boards and presenters, and more!  You just want to go and have fun!

Much to my surprise, something wonderful happened to me! I happened to be vacationing in Bryce Canyon, near Stampin’ Up!’s Kanab facility – actually about an hour and 20 minutes away but that’s sure closer than New Jersey! This is the place where their products are made and sent to the corporate headquarters in Riverton to be shipped to us. My husband and I decided to head towards the Kanab office.  We arrived around 9:45am. . .I was excited to be there and took a picture in front of the building. We were about to leave when I said to my husband, I didn’t come all this way to just take a picture outside . . .I was hesitant to go inside thinking that perhaps I wouldn’t be allowed to tour the facility, but I figured heck, I am already here why not ask?  So I walked to one of the entrances and it was locked . . . my hopes started fading . . . I walked to the other door and it was open.  I walked in and it was a bit dark and no one at the reception area . .  . once again, hope was fading.  I knocked on one of the doors, and the workers were so busy working that they didn’t hear my knock.  As I was about to walk out disappointed, a man appeared from another door.  I told him I was a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and was passing by and wondered if I could tour the facility and he said YES!!  This was almost as good as going to convention – a private tour just for us!

Do I look happy or what?!

This very nice and personable employee led us to different areas of the plant.  Here’s what we saw . . . the rolls of red rubber that our stamps are made of. . . the area where the master plate is made for each of the stamps . . .

the area where they put the backing to our stamps (recognize this stamp? – clue: new one in the catalog) and where they are assembled and put into the cases . . . the area where they sort our card stock and package (recognize these colors?) . . .

the area where they ink our ink pads, put the foam in our pads and attach it to the base, and where our reinkers are filled . . .

and the area where the photopolymer stamps are made.  The employee in charge of that area showed us the process – oh so cool!

As we toured the plant, all the employees were very friendly.  In all my interactions with Demonstrator Support and  employees from both the Kanab and Riverton offices, I have always had a pleasant experience as they go out of their way to make you feel good.  Click here to read about my first convention experience. 

It’s great being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and it’s even better when the company is a wonderful place to work for! Here’s another little story. . . Two nights before I visited the Kanab office, I went to a dinner/show and we were seated with 4 other people at a table.  We started talking about ourselves and my husband mentioned that I’ve come to Utah before for the Stampin’ Up! conventions and wouldn’t you know it, one of the ladies at the table worked for the Kanab office when Stampin’ Up! first began. She worked for 5 years taking down orders over the phone (so much simpler now that we can do it online!). She said it was fun working for the company. So there you have it – it’s fun, fun, fun!! The best thing is YOU can join the fun, too. Learn how here.

Thank you Ken for making this a great way to start the celebration of my anniversary!

I know this post was a bit long but just needed to share! Hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for stopping by . . . till next time . . .  Brunie

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  1. Blanca says:

    You look like a little kid in a candy store. I am glad you were able to enjoy the next best thing to going to convention. That did look interesting to see how everything you use is actually made.

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