I Won A Stampin’ Up! Stamp Set!!!!

Who doesn’t like to hear the words, “You won”?!  You jump up and down with excitement and when the prize is a STAMP SETWOO HOO!!!  LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!  Can you feel my excitement?

During the Stampin’ Up! convention, each of the class presenters asked us to mention the classes we attended at convention in our blogs or facebook and we would be entered in a random drawing to win a stamp set.  I blogged about the class I took with Shannon West “I Am Having Fun!” (great fun class!) in this post and to my surprise I was one of the random WINNERS!!

I received my call on Thursday while I was holding a  class in my home.  I almost did not find out that I had won, because when my phone rang it only showed 4 numbers and not the typical 10 digit phone number. When I saw that and mentioned it to my friends, we all agreed that I should ignore it since it was not a complete number.  I forgot all about it until yesterday morning when I was getting ready to go to work and picked up my phone and noticed there was a voice mail.  I listened to my voice mail and wouldn’t you know it–that 4 digit phone number was my surprise call!!   Goes to show you, don’t erase your voicemails until you listen to them first!!  You never know, you may hear the words, YOU WON! Now unto picking my FREE stamp set…so many to choose from… hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to stamp I go!

Another great reason to join Stampin’ Up! Click here and here for more info.  Remember . . . when you join in August, you get a FREE Howl-o-ween Printer’s Tray project kit valued at $60. Don’t pass it up!

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